Heroes of Thantopolis has joined Hiveworks!
Posted April 30, 2018 at 12:00 am
Welcome new and old readers alike to Heroes of Thantopolis! This comic has just joined Hiveworks, but it's been online for nearly four years, and it has the archive to prove it!

For new readers: If you like cartoon TV shows like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Star Vs and Adventure Time, then Heroes of Thantopolis will be right up your alley! My aim in making this comic is to emulate the episodic style of the cartoon medium while focusing heavily on plot and character development, and leaving filler to the side. Think of the comic as a sort of mini-series, with four distinct story arcs and self-contained adventures each chapter. Currently the comic is near the end of the second story arc, so there's a lot more to go for our intrepid main characters.

For old readers
: Welcome to the new site! Whether you read on Tumblr or Tapastic, I think you'll find this site's focus on readability and accessibility to be a nice shift. It was my aim to make the website itself simple and easy to read, and I hope you find that to be true! The first new page post-hiatus will go up on Thursday, but before you read that, go back to the beginning of Chapter 8 for a new (and hopefully clearer) opening scene! It won't change much but I think it'll explain things more concisely. 

For everyone: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here! I can't wait to wrap up the Caesar arc and get to my absolutely favorite story arc, just around the corner! 
- Strontium 
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