Happy Valentine's Day!
Posted February 14, 2019 at 12:00 am

Happy Valentine's Day! People love to make Valentine's for their OC's, but what happens if you have OC's that aren't into romance or dating? You make some aromantic and asexual valentine's day cards, of course!

These cards have been made over the course of the comic. The first three - Cyrus, Trickster and Xisea - I made in 2015. Sag's was made in 2017 and I just created Redburn's for this year. While I use the ace flag and the aro flag for each Valentine, I think you could probably use either one for both orientations - whichever message you prefer!

Do you want to use these Valentines yourself? Here's a link to download the zip file of all the cards.

Come back Monday for another special update!

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