Hiatus Art - Update 3
Posted December 14, 2020 at 12:00 am

It's the artist back with another hiatus update!

Since my last update, I have gone to see the neurologist and have gotten medication to help with the headaches - which it has helped, but not fixed the problem. However, some recent adjustments to my workspace have helped the headaches a bit more, and I'm feeling more optimistic than I was back in September.

To that end, I've decided to ease my way back into working on the comic. I'm going to start where I left off back in March with re-drawing some pages of Chapter 3 (to improve the storytelling) and finishing up assets for Books 1 and 2. If that all goes well with minimal increase of my headaches, I'll then start working on Chapter 12.

I want to again thank you for your patience while I deal with this setback. I'm eager to work on the comic again, but I need to take it slow so I don't cause another flare-up.


My birthday was last week, and my wonderful friend Jaime got me this adorable Xisea amigurumi! It was a custom order from the Etsy Shop Arctic's Amies. Xisea is so soft, cute, nubby, and canon-sized! I love her so much and it was such a thoughtful gift from Jaime.

I also get to reference an old fan drawing of Xisea done way back in 2014 (wow!) with the text. Ever since Xisea squished a bee in that image, I've liked to have her say "Looks like my new friend!" Now Xisea is MY new friend!

That's all for now! Happy holidays, and brace on for 2021!

Tags: Xisea
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