Cyrus, the Queen’s Champion [Sigh-ruhs]

Our Protagonist. Like any twelve-year-old boy, Cyrus is impulsive and a bit naive. His incredible heart and powerful emotions are both his strongest attribute and his greatest weakness. He can empathize with all sorts of ghosts, but is also often at the mercy of his overwhelming feelings.

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Helene, the Queen of Ghosts [Heh-leen]

The reining goddess of Thantopolis. Helene is a master manipulator and uses her cunning and intelligence to get what she wants. Although haughty and demanding, she seems to be developing some motherly feelings for Cyrus.

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Xisea [zi-SEA-uh]

Previously a pest hiding in the nooks and crannies of Castle Thantopolis, Xisea became Cyrus’s first and closest friend in the city. Xisea is a small bundle of pure adorableness. Unlike other ghosts, she cannot fly and she does not remember how she died.

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A brodacious ghost that seems to have walked right out of the 1990’s. Trickster is often careless and silly, but he’s earned Cyrus’s trust by being there for his best bro in sticky situations. He has the ability to create illusions made of light.

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The Spirit of Sagittarius

A semi-powerful spirit of the stars who becomes both a friend and mentor to Cyrus. She’s amiable and loyal, and loves to see and experience new things. However she feels a sense of doubt about herself that she’s reluctant to share. Sag has the ability to manifest legs as needed and summon a bow made of hard light, which shoots arrows that destabilize ghosts’ forms.

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A cowardly chicken…horse…dragon ghost who has spent his afterlife as an abused combatant in a cockfighting ring. He can ignite his body and run at the speed of flames. His connection with Cyrus is immediate and deep. Can he learn how to become a friend after being treated as an object for so long?

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Ios, the Chief Advisor

Helene’s oft-beleaguered advisor whose ghost takes the form of an owl. It seems like Helene deliberately ignores his advice these days.
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