Chapter 10 - Page 30
Posted July 11, 2019 at 12:00 am

Whatever you're about to do Trickster, DON'T DO IT!

-- Edit 7/15: the contest is over! See the next page for who won, or check out the featured comment on this page! ---

Actually, what IS Trickster about to do? Today I'm asking you guys!

It's another impromptu HoT Contest: Guess what Trickster will do!

For this contest, I want you to comment on this page and guess what Trickster is going to do in the next scene. I haven't posted any snippets of this scene anywhere online, so it's a totally level playing field.

The contest will run until right before the comic updates next Monday at midnight, my time (which is Central Daylight Time). Your comments are automatically time stamped, so as long as they're before the next update goes live, they count!

Whoever guesses correctly or gets the closest will win a small digital drawing! Good luck!

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