Chapter 11 - Page 33
Posted March 2, 2020 at 12:00 am

Lore time! It seems some readers are interested in this, which makes me super happy! The rest of this update I'll give some more details about the Linean gods.


In-universe, the Linean gods are an American polytheistic folk tradition. The main gods, like the Olympians of Greek Mythology, are known as the Holy Congress. There are 11 Congressional gods, with one being chosen every four years to be the Speaker of the Congress, who leads the daily discourse and resolves ties.

In panel 1, you can see a few members of the Holy Congress:

  • Eagle-headed Sumterion, god of justice, law and mobility
  • Robin-headed Velona, goddess of love and luck
  • Bull-headed Ohyndus, god of industry and mechanics (and Orphincus's dad!)
  • Vulture-headed Obher, Helene's dad, reaper and judge of souls
  • Cow-headed Dier, goddess of agriculture, farming and the harvest
  • Tree-headed Anapest, god of poetry and inspiration

Helene herself isn't a member of the Holy Congress, because she was born after the Congressional gods established their reign. She's technically known as a Delegate, one of the Brood that are the children of the Congressional gods and occasionally make petitions to the Holy Congress.

It's said that the Holy Congress is situated on the peak of a mountain range in the godly realm of Liminal Space.

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