Chapter 11 - Page 9
Posted November 18, 2019 at 12:00 am

First off - it's collage time! I haven't done a collage since Chapter 2 and I just had to do one with some 90's era candy logos. Thanks to the website CollectingCandy for the high-quality wrapper images!

Secondly... we have the cover image but IN A MEMORY! This is the first time in the comic when the cover was an actual scene from the comic. I think this'll be the only time it is, too.

And since the cover is back, so is Veld. I know some readers were confused about the similarities between Veld and the Phantom, seeing as they have the same welder's mask. And it is indeed the same mask... but they're not otherwise related entities. It's a weird remnant of the original story both Veld and the Phantom come from.

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