Chapter 12 - Page 13
Posted August 26, 2021 at 12:00 am

Big thanks to my editor Isa for helping me with the page layouts for this scene!


Well guys, I think it's time for another "Guess What'll Happen" Contest!

What is Cyrus going to see under the lake?

The rules are simple. From when you see this page till midnight on Sept. 1st, you can write in your answers and guesses in the comments of the comic. The first reader to guess the right answer (or get the closest if time runs out) wins! If someone had the same idea as you, you can still post your idea, but know that the reader who commented first will get priority. If you can't think of an answer but still want to participate, you can upvote the answers from other readers that you like best!

I'll announce the winner when the page goes up next week. The winner as usual will receive a small digital piece from me! Good luck!

Tags: Cyrus
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