Chapter 12 - Page 6
Posted July 8, 2021 at 12:00 am

Oh boy, a callback-heavy page! Are you ready for some links?

Xisea's special power is the ability to retrace her steps perfectly. If she's been somewhere, even just once, she instinctively knows where it is and able to find her way back there.

We actually saw this power in action way back in Chapter 3! On this page where Sag is giving a monologue, there's a split screen showing Trickster and Xisea leading the Zodiac Sisters out of the sewers. In the second of the split screen panels we see Xisea pointing to a specific tunnel in the fork in the road, and it ends up leading them to the right exit!

A call-back to the Tournament of Souls from Chapter 4 is also in order! The first challenge of the tournament is the Sightless Maze, where Cyrus, Xisea and Iota had to navigate without their sight. Perhaps Xisea's ability to perfectly retrace her steps is why this ectomatron was so cold to her during the Arcade challenge?

Finally, Cyrus hasn't said something was wicked since Chapter 1 and I wanted to rectify that XD

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