Chapter 13 - Page 17
Posted February 9, 2023 at 12:00 am

Helene is working with the Offsprings?! Actually, the audience already knew that. Cynthia pretty much spelled out it for us in Chapter 10 - but because Helene put a geas on his friends, they were never able to tell Cyrus about her visit. So this is news for him.



If you like extra info about the story of the comic (and/or your name is Rippy) then this section is a bonus for you!

  • The Offsprings did try to solve the ghost problem in-house at first. Oren and Cynthia are both gods of afterlives, and seemed like obvious candidates. Oren, however, refused to "sully the Sky Union with unworthy souls" (his words), so Cynthia tried sticking the ghosts in the outer ring of the Underworld, where her administrative offices are. As you can imagine, a goddess of chaos and conflict does not make for a good influence over ghosts. Many of them turned into dangerous Wraiths that haunted other ghosts and Cynthia's demon corps. That's when the Offsprings turned to Helene.
  • The above experiment took around a year. For a timeline, the Offsprings emerged on the scene in 1960, and gave Helene the ghosts in 1961. As the comic takes place in 2011, it's been 50 years since that transaction.
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