Chapter 6 - Extra 2
Posted March 8, 2017 at 11:55 pm
<< C here again! Here's even more info about what the divine landscape looks like in the modern day! Well, actually, what it looks like in 2011. But that's modern for the comic!>>

C, you really outdid yourself! Good job! Take a break so we can get to chapter 7!

Annotations since this is a LOT:
  • The vase in panel 1 is from the Met. I just went to the Met's website and found a cool vase.
  • Percy Jackson! Listen I know I said previously that there was only 1 Rick Riordan reference in this comic but I had to put in another. I love Rick Riordan and I still read his books to today. No judging!
  • I heard Anubis was ripped. That he had an eight pack.
  • Finally we get introduced to the Offsprings! Who are these guys? What's their deal? Are they going to come up again in this story? Am I going to tell you???
  • I think we've seen that arrow symbol before, the one in the last panel....
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