Happy Halloween 2016
Posted October 31, 2016 at 5:00 pm

It's Halloween again! And after the chapter when we introduce Cyrus's Mom, I have to take advantage of doing a Steven Universe Halloween homage!

Although SU began airing a few years after I had already written the comic's story, its visual style and presentation had a big effect on my art and therefore it is a very visible inspiration for the comic. Steven and Cyrus have a lot in common personality-wise, while the rest of the cast can find some similarities here and there.

  • Helene as Yellow Diamond - a sinister and tough leader, who is surprisingly emotional
  • Ios as Yellow Pearl - being Helene's assistant much like YP is to YD
  • Sagittarius as Lapis Lazuli - around the beginning of Season 2 of Steven Universe, when people made "Which Gem is Which Zodiac?" posts, they often put Lapis as Sagittarius. I think the characters do share a lot in common; being freed from imprisonment by the main character, they then become a powerful ally
  • Trickster as Amethyst - purple, likes to shapeshift, tragic backstory??
  • Xisea as Lion - almost a comical comparison, but they're both the main character's animal friend
  • And finally Cyrus's Mom as Rose - they're the main character's estranged mom, although I promise you, Cyrus's Mom isn't dead XD
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