Happy Halloween 2019 - Week 1
Posted October 10, 2019 at 12:00 am

Every Thursday in the month of October, I'll be updating with special Halloween character illustrations! This week, we have Xisea and Redburn dressed up as classic Pokemon anime characters.

I've been a Pokemon fan since 1998 and to say it influenced my art is an understatement. ALL I used to draw was Pokemon. The abundance of animal characters and lack of human characters in my earlier stories (of which HoT is on the tail end of) is mostly because I grew up telling stories about Pokemon rather than people :P

First, we have Xisea dressed up as Togepi - specifically, Misty's Togepi! Togepi is one of the biggest influences on Xisea's character, although Xisea is a lot more bearable than the always crying, very unpredictable baby Pokemon. But just like Togepi, Xisea is child-like and sweet, and also, everyone loves her!

And second is Redburn, dressed up as Ash's Charmander. Like Charmander, Redburn had an abusive owner who treated him like an object rather than a living being. They both also have flames on their bodies. I think I can say with certainty that that trait on Redburn was 100% lifted from Fire-type Pokemon.

I wonder who will dress up next week!!!

Tags: Xisea, Redburn
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