Happy Halloween 2019 - Week 2
Posted October 17, 2019 at 12:00 am

Every Thursday in the month of October, I'll be updating with special Halloween character illustrations! This week, we have Sag and Trickster dressed up as characters from Gravity Falls!

Gravity Falls is such a good cartoon! While I had written HoT before it premiered, it aired during the time I started working on the comic, and the strong myth arc and character building was a big source of inspiration to me.

Sag is dressed as Wendy, who is one of her big sources of inspirations. She's the cool older sister/friend who is also super competent! Sag looks really good in flannel!

Then we have Trickster as Dippy Fresh, the "improved" version of Dipper that Mabel makes towards the end of the show. Trickster and Dippy Fresh are both aping the Totally Radical 90's Bro vibe, tho Trickster came first. I do like him in this more detailed ensemble.

Who's dressing up next week???

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