HoT DECADE ebook out now!
Posted November 19, 2021 at 12:00 am

Heroes of Thantopolis DECADE - Celebrating 10 years with original sketches! Ebook now available for $2 USD on the Hivemill shop!

The concept for Heroes of Thantopolis turned 10 years old this October! To celebrate, I went back to my original sketches - most done on paper during my high school classes - and collected them together in this ebook. Come see the origins of the main characters of the comic and what changed (and didn't change) about their personalities and design. PLUS - stick around to the end of the ebook for bonus "decade style" art of the main heroes!

As a preview, I present Cyrus: Decade Style! This is perhaps what Cyrus would've looked like if I had started HoT with the art skills I have now. Especially my shoe-drawing skills. (I learned how to draw shoes when I got into Splatoon XD)

The ebook is only $2 USD. If you're a fan of the comic, I know you'll get a kick of out this book! Support both myself and the comic and pick up a digital copy today!

Tags: Cyrus
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