Hiatus Art - Page Revisions are Live!
Posted March 10, 2021 at 8:00 am

I'm happy to share that the page revisions I've been working on are finally live on the site!

Many of the page revisions were small changes - typos, fixing dialogue that sounded out-of-character, some panel shuffling. That being said... the climax of Chapter 3 has brand new pages! The scene is now expanded, with more space given to developing Age of Aquarius's motivations and resolution. When I initially started making HoT, I still had a lot to learn about pacing, and as my skills grew I felt that Chapter 3 had a rushed climax. I'm much happier with it now.

All the changes, large and small, and their corresponding page URLs are cataloged in this spreadsheet (click to download).

What does this mean going forward?  think it may be time to start pre-work for Chapter 12! I'm hoping to knuckle down on thumbs and scripts later this week. Besides that, I have a few more Kickstarter assets to make before I start actually creating Chapter 12 pages. But know that the wait will not be as long as it has been!

Until then... !

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