Chapter 14 - Page 8
Posted January 25, 2024 at 12:00 am

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I am so, so happy to finally get to this page! It's been a long time coming. Remember when Trickster pulled out these juggling balls from his hat of holding? That happened in 2015. And it was all a setup to this moment.

As for the rap, this was also a long time coming. Here is the full citation:

Ovid. “Metamorphoses, from Book V: Ceres and Proserpina.” Translated by Charles Martin. The Norton Anthology of Western Literature, Eighth Edition Volume 1: The Ancient World through the Renaissance, edited by Sarah Lawall, W.W. Norton & Company, 2006, pp. 1041.

I was assigned this anthology in an English course in the Fall of 2013, before HoT entered production. My professor asked the class to pick parts of the anthology to present on, and I picked Metamorphoses. In it, the translator decided to take the description of the Pleiades's entry in the song contest with the Muses and turn it into a mediocre rap! I found it so funny. I decided to put it in the comic by at least 2016, as that was when I told fellow comic creator Kory Bing that I would in a tweet:

...Well, that was a lot of supporting evidence XD Prepare for more overly detailed descriptions like these as we get closer and closer to the endgame of the comic!

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