Happy Halloween 2018
Posted October 31, 2018 at 12:00 am

It's Halloween Time! As tradition with Heroes of Thantopolis, I wanted to dress the characters up as a huge source of inspiration for both the comic and myself - Adventure Time! While I often talk about how shoes inspired the comic, my thoughts leading up to its inception were mostly about Adventure Time, then in either the second or third season. I knew there was a backstory to all the wackiness of the Land of Ooo and bemoaned that it got little focus. I wanted a show with more worldbuilding in it, so I created one! Now that Adventure Time has ended, and Redburn has joined the cast, it felt like the perfect time to do a Halloween homage.

Cyrus and Xisea both claim Finn and BMO as main sources of inspiration, and I think you could guess why. As for the other characters:

  • Trickster as Jake - the best friend who's more laid back that our hero. They're also both shapeshifters.
  • Helene as Princess Bubblegum - I'd argue that PB became more like Helene as Adventure Time went on, with her paranoia, controlling nature and the ultimate reveal of how the candy people came to be making her a character with some startlingly similarities to Helene.
  • Ios as Peppermint Butler - easy, he's the assistant to royalty!
  • Redburn as Lady Ranicorn - long, noodly horse-like friends to the main characters. This one is a pretty superficial comparison.
  • Finally, Sagittarius is dressed up as Marceline (in one of my favorite Marceline outfits, from "Henchman") but not because they're similar - my Mom simply wanted me to dress someone up as Marceline and I couldn't think of a better character for Sag

I attempted to combine elements of Adventure Time's style with my own. I hope you guys like it, and I hope that you have a Happy Halloween!

PS: See previous Halloween pictures here:




(I didn't draw one in 2017)

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