Happy Halloween 2023
Posted October 31, 2023 at 12:00 am

Tears of the Kingdom was my first-ever Zelda game, and I really enjoyed it! (A friend accidentally bought two copies and gave me one as a gift.) For this year's Halloween, I transported the gang to the world of Hyrule - Less costumes, and more AU.

Cyrus is of course a Hylian. He's already got the blue tunic!

Trickster easily slots into a Rito. I imagine him as a traveling salesman.

Helene as the mysterious Zonai. Her fur color matches up to their skin color very easily.

Sagittarius is a Gerudo warrior! As she's from a sisterhood in the comic, the all-female Gerudo was a great fit.

Redburn I went back and forth on a bit, but I decided to make him a horse with the fancy red mane you can give your horses in TotK. That way I could draw Cyrus riding him!

Finally, Xisea is a fairy. She's a little friend!

Have a happy Halloween! Keep an eye out for another announcement post, coming soon!

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