Happy Ninth Anniversary!
Posted May 24, 2023 at 12:00 am

It's Heroes of Thantopolis's ninth anniversary! Following up on last year's number-color themed illustration, this year it's all about the purple power of the number 9. Somehow Trickster shrunk everyone down into his hat of holding! Did he really need them to look for something, or is he just being silly? B) Maybe we'll never know...

Regular updates will return next Thursday! In the meantime, here's how you can support HoT!

  • Whitelist in your ad blocker! I make money off of ad impressions, so every view counts!
  • Re-share and like the anniversary posts on social media! Tumblr | Twitter
  • Purchase the HoT DECADE eBook! For just $2 USD, you get digital booklet of my earliest HoT drawings!
  • Contribute to the HoT TVTropes page! It won't necessarily help the comic grow, but it would make me happy :)
  • If you read this far, comment on this post with your favorite item in Trickster's hat!

I've poured my heart into making this comic, and I am so appreciative of your support and readership!

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