Happy Sixth Annivesary!
Posted May 25, 2020 at 12:00 am

Once when I was a younger boy I felt sublime
Thinking those that kept a watchful eye
Would reveal their secrets over time

Happy Sixth Anniversary to Heroes of Thantopolis! Actually, the real anniversary was yesterday, but I wanted to upload this today since it's a normal upload day. Also, since it's Memorial Day, which is a significant date in the comic if you remember.

The third story arc is the emotional low point of the story. I guess it's surprising that it's a favorite part of the story of mine, since I profess to like colorful action and cool magic scenes the best, but it's really satisfying to get to show everyone the internal side of my characters. And you know, maybe engender some "feels."

This story arc has also given me the chance to do a lot of background worldbuilding, from finally getting to introduce Isaac, to Cynthia's cryptic comments at the end of Chapter 10, to Ozwella's recollections of a very different Thantopolis in Chapter 11...

I know this anniversary comes in the middle of a hiatus but I hope you guys will look forward to Chapter 12, and afterwards the final arc of the story!

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