Hiatus Update 1
Posted May 18, 2020 at 12:00 am

>.>.... soooooo.... hiatus update time.

Yeah, unfortunately, this hiatus is probably going to be a longer one that I initially planned. See, around when I was finishing Chapter 11, I got a job! Hooray! I've been working really hard to get full-time employment, and I really enjoy the work. But then the quarantine happened. Boo! Working from home is difficult, and the main difficulty came in the form of constant screen exposure. I got awful screen headaches that were almost like mini-migraines, where the only help was sleeping it off. To try to quell the headaches, I strongly restricted my screen time and took a hiatus from social media sites like Twitter.

Needless to say, I didn't work on anything comic-related during this time .0.

But there are some good pieces of news! First off, I got some blue light blocking glasses. With these, I've been able to reintroduce more screen time outside of work. Second off, I'm getting a new laptop! This is great because my current laptop is nearly 8 years old and while new hardware won't necessarily make my art better (or easier to do) it will make using the computer easier, and that counts for something.

So I hope to gradually return to my usual levels of art-making. It will take some time. But HoT will be back! We're nearly in the endgame!!!

Thanks for sticking with me! <<Hey, and me too!>>

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